OSHA Compliance Training Programs

  • Forklift Safety

    This course is for new or current forklift operators. The curriculum covers:

    • Forklift design

    • Controls and instrumentation

    • Comprehensive pre-use inspection, forklift stability and factors affecting stability

    Training includes hands-on activities and demonstration of proficiency.

  • Overhead Crane Safety

    The curriculum covers the dangers of overhead cranes when operated improperly. Topics include:

    • Common terminology

    • Daily safety inspections

    • Basic crane operations

    • Sling and lifting attachments

    • Safe work practices

    Training includes hands-on activities and demonstration of proficiency. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    This course teaches best safety practices and an awareness of why personal protective equipment is essential for preventing accidents and injuries. Topics include:

    • Hazard assessment

    • PPE selection

    • PPE fit

    • Proper care and use of PPE

  • General Electrical Safety

    This course trains on essential safety considerations and best practices for workers who are exposed to and come into contact with electrical equipment. Topics include:

    • Personal protective equipment

    • Proper tool selection and use

    • Grounding

    • Best safety practices

  • HAZCOM (with GHS)

    This course will provide essential elements of the HAZCOM standard, OSHA 29CFR 1910.1200. Topics covered: 

    • Definitions

    • Responsibilities

    • Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

    • Hazard Classification

    • Hazardous Chemical Inventory

    • Hazard Communication Program

    • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 

    • Precautionary Statements

  • Housekeeping

    This course provides instruction on methods to keep the workplace organized, uncluttered and hazard-free. Topics include:

    • Worker training

    • Routine maintenance schedule

    • Responsibilities

    • Cleaning chemicals and health

    • Safe work practices

  • Rigging Safety

    This course helps ensure that riggers are properly trained on all aspects of their job in order to prevent accidents and property damage. Topics include:

    • The role of the rigger

    • Types of slings

    • Safe work practices

    • Slings and equipment selection

    • Planning the lift

  • Hand & Power Tools

    This course helps avoid carelessness, poor housekeeping and equipment misuse by teaching workers how to stay safe when using hand and power tools. Topics include:

    • Work preparation

    • PPE selection

    • Safe work practices for all tools

    • Choosing the right tool for the job

  • Ergonomics

    This course helps reduce the number of ergonomic-related injuries at your facility. Topics include:

    • Ergonomic Overview

    • Qualitative Analysis

    • Job Hazard Analysis

    • Administrative Controls

  • Machine Guarding

    This course instructs employees on the full range of machine guards, and how to use and maintain them to avoid injury while on the job. Topics include:

    • Common hazards

    • Purpose and function

    • Safe work practices

  • Fire & Extinguisher Safety

    This course teaches how to operate a fire extinguisher, identify potential fire sources and implement fire prevention measures. Topics include:

    • Common causes of workplace fires

    • Recognizing fire hazards

    • How to choose and use various types of fire extinguishers

    • Fire prevention best safety practices

  • Slips, Trips & Falls

    This course teaches important safety tips for eliminating fall hazards in the work environment, as well as information about fall protection equipment. It features professional stunt people demonstrating falls in a variety of environments. Topics include:

    • Good housekeeping

    • Picking up obstacles

    • Cleaning up spills

    • Eliminating hazards in the office environment

  • Stairways & Ladders

    This course teaches awareness of the hazards, proper housekeeping and safe work practices for working with or around stairways and ladders. Topics include:

    • Ladder selection guidelines

    • Inspection and maintenance

    • Construction requirements

    • Setting up a ladder

  • Accident Investigation

    This course improves workplace safety by training workers how to conduct a formal investigation to determine the root causes of on-the-job accidents. Topics include:

    • Purpose of an accident investigation

    • Types of accidents

    • Conducting an investigation

    • Interviewing witnesses

    • Documenting findings and corrective actions

    • Implementing improvements

  • Concrete & Masonry

    This course teaches workers to be aware of their surroundings while working with concrete and masonry, to follow best safety practices and to wear the proper PPE to protect themselves from the potential hazards. Topics include:

    • Reinforcing steel

    • Concrete bucket safety

    • Formwork

    • Shoring/re-shoring

    • Jacking and bracing requirements

    • Limited access zones

    • Cast-in-place & pre-cast concrete

    • Lift slab operations & masonry construction

  • Hazardous Materials & Handling

    This course teaches efficient handling and storing of hazardous materials. Topics covered:

    • Potential hazards for workers

    • What should employees know before handling or storing

    • What precautions should be taken when moving manually or mechanically

    • What precautions should be taken to avoid storage hazards

    • Employee training 

    • Best work practices

  • Aerial Lift Safety

    This course helps prevent aerial lift accidents by training workers on best safety practices, housekeeping and equipment maintenance techniques. Course includes scenarios for working with or around electricity, working in inclement weather and working in an elevated bucket. Topics include:

    • Fall protection, load requirements and equipment

    • Pre-start inspections

    • Safe use

    Training includes hands-on activities and demonstration of proficiency.​

  • Lockout - Tagout (Affected)

    This course teaches affected employees the consequences of following improper procedures when working with machinery, and the best practices for avoiding injuries. Topics include:

    • Importance of Lockout/Tagout

    • Responsibilities of affected personnel

    • Overview of Lockout/Tagout procedures

  • Lockout - Tagout (Authorized)

    This course trains authorized employees how to stop the accidental release of energy. Topics include:

    • What is an authorized employee?

    • Preparing for Lockout

    • Best safety practices

    • Additional procedures

  • Confined Space

    This course provides workers with the knowledge to work safely within potentially hazardous conditions and teaches best safety practices when working in or near confined spaces. Topics include:

    • What is a confined space?

    • Proper entry procedures including permits, monitoring and PPE

    • Associated hazards and responsibilities

  • Confined Space

    Permit Required

    This course trains workers on the hazards of working in a confined space and the importance of following proper entry procedures. Topics include:

    • What is a confined space?

    • Proper entry procedures including permits, monitoring and PPE

    • Associated hazards and responsibilities

  • Fall Protection

    This course reviews when fall arrest equipment is necessary, and how to recognize and prevent fall hazards. Help eliminate fall incidents from occurring at your worksite by training workers how to stay safe and protected when working with several different types of fall arrest equipment. Topics include:

    • The correct selection, use and care of fall protection equipment

    • Anchor points

    • Full-body harness

    • Rope grabs

    • Lanyards

    • Lifelines

  • Fall Protection - Construction

    This course addresses the major factors in fall incidents in construction. Topics include:

    • Correct selection, use and care of fall protection equipment

    • Understanding when fall arrest equipment is necessary

    • Recognizing and preventing fall hazards

    • The effects of falls in the workplace

    • Identifying and preventing various types of fall hazards

    • The components of a personal fall arrest system and how they work together

    • Steps for properly inspecting, caring for and maintaining a fall arrest system


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