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Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance

Our mission is to assist our clients in establishing proper safety management controls in order to minimize accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Our specialists work with each client to provide the resources and tools needed to develop a program that complies with DOT regulations. 

We have over 30 years of experience working within the DOT industry as well as helping clients manage their DOT programs. We guarantee that whichever program you choose, our high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable products and services will get you compliant and KEEP you compliant!

Just because regulations seem complex, does not mean your program has to be. In the most efficient and time-effective manner, we ensure you have all processes, documentation, and testing in place.

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Drug & Alcohol


We understand that not every company or industry has the same needs, for this reason, we offer a variety of drug and alcohol testing methods and customizable services. 

Insurance &

Risk Management

We understand the unique exposures transportation companies face and how to improve them. Our experts can work as your partner and help manage and improve your loss costs, exposures and premiums.


Our training programs ensure drivers of commercial motor vehicles understand their responsibility to drive safely and what is required to remain in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. 



From a thorough pre-employment drug screen to a criminal background check, we’ll look into every prospective employee to make sure you’re hiring the safest possible drivers for your business. Not only will this improve the safety of the roads, but it will improve your bottom line.

Vehicle Inspections and Maintenance

Vehicle Inspections and truck maintenance using a DOT vehicle inspection form can help you control costs and keep drivers safe on the road. A properly executed vehicle inspection can help your drivers:

  • Discover unsafe conditions before they cause accidents

  • Find mechanical problems before they lead to costly breakdowns

  • Avoid being placed out of service during a roadside DOT inspection, or being subject to infractions and fines

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