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Transportation Safety & DOT Training

Choose a Driver Safety or DOT Compliance Training Topic



Covers defensive driving best practice techniques and information for light and medium vehicles as well as motorcoach

Driver Qualification Training

This course provides an overview of the Qualification of Drivers regulations with an emphasis on what the driver needs to know

Hours of Service

Training to address that drivers comply with the maximum driving time rules & their exceptions, circumstances of (OOS), and requirements for (RODS)

Driver Qualification - Manager

Provides managers with information about required driver qualifications

Distracted Driving

Designed to change distracted driving habits and help professional drivers deal with the dangerous habits of others

Vehicle Inspections

Practical instruction to train drivers on conducting vehicle inspections before and after each day to ensure vehicle is in safe working order.  

Alcohol & Drug Testing for Drivers

Addresses critical info drivers must be aware of regarding alcohol and drug testing requirements

Roadside Inspection

Prepare drivers for roadside inspections

Driver Skills Training

Emphasizes critical precautions needed for safe hooking up &unhooking, backing techniques, speed & space, and driving layouts.

HAZMAT Transportation

Helps satisfy the function-specific and modal-specific training requirements for hazmat transport by highway. Provides drivers with DOT-required hazardous materials training.

Entry-Level Driver

Accurate, up-to-date training that helps student drivers to be knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and safe

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